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It's gonna be really cool game engine made with C99 technologies. Only open source, only hardcore. I use SDL for cross platform input and window drawing, opengl for rendering, nuklear for nice imgui, flecs as ECS framework.


  1. Install dependencies:
  2. mkdir build && cd build
  3. cmake ..
    By default this line build game for game directory, but you can specify your game with cmake .. -DGAME_DIR=custom_game
  4. make


Features, I'd like to implement

  • Main features
    • rendering
      • load textures
      • load shaders
      • load 3d models
      • render simple shapes
      • render 3d models
      • normals
      • lighting
        • point light
        • directional light
        • spot light
        • lightmaps
        • shadows
      • PBR shading
    • input
    • physics
    • sound system
    • UI
      • Simple GUI
      • imgui for tools
    • other
  • Scripting language (I really love python)
  • ECS
  • Modules and plugins system
  • Developer tools and other stuff

Requirements for contributors

  • Only open source third party tools
  • Only C99 compatible code
  • Cross platform compatibility

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